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Sylvia with her daughter Allegra
Since the running of large riding establishments has taken up so much of my life, I now live as far away as possible from the madding crowd!

Our small 5 horse yard nestles in the peace of the rolling Scottish Borders countryside. It is here, in between writing and other commitments, that I take on selected private pupils, often from overseas, on a one-to-one basis. With a couple of guest boxes, there is invariably a visiting horse or two in for dressage schooling.

I still teach on Lusitano schoolmasters since they adore their work and are definitely the easiest horses on which to give people a feel for the more advanced movements. I am very strict about weight limits and none of my horses work more than one hour a day with some cross-country work in between and at least one day off per week. Since places are limited, there is generally a waiting list for lessons. I do not take complete beginners as there are excellent schools which cater for these, but I will take people new to dressage provided they can ride! For details of lessons, a fax or SAE will generally elicit a response!

Out of self protection, I regret not being able to publish my email address - much as I would like to. However, as an author, people everywhere want a share of you and one has to have a life beyond one's work. That life is very busy with a wonderful family and animals who also need to be nurtured. Since I am keen to reach out to as many people as possible through my writing and teaching, I do welcome correspondence, even if I cannot reply in great depth or right away. However, for the future, my web site will provide a forum for more in-depth discussions so please do take the time to register to my Private Forums.


Mounted Demonstrations

Normally, I am willing to accept bookings for an average of 3-4 major public performances with my own horses per year. These may take the form of musical displays or full day or evening Demonstrations outlining and showing the classical teaching methods. Dates need to be booked several months in advance and my charges vary according to the type of event required, time and distance travelled and content, etc. Normally, we bring two Lusitano horses working at Advanced level. An indoor school, with a good surface and sound/public speaking system is required (clip on lapel mike).

The riding/explanation part of the Demo may include guineapig riders and/or horses, and there is always ample time given for questions and answers afterwards. On some occasions and at bigger venues, we have attracted audiences of up to 500 people.

I have given major Demos at Towerlands, Stoneleigh, West Wilts, Addington, Harwood Hall, Stags End, Osbaldeston, Gleneagles, the Highland Riding Centre.

The arranging of venue and PR is the sole responsibility of the hirer/organiser but all the events in which I have participated to date appear to have run at a healthy proftit for the organiser, often with a charity benefitting from a well advertised programme."

Lectures - weight aid clinics - commentaries and judging
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