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The Gaits, Bend & Transitions -
4 hrs - fully interactive

Read about this sensational, ground-breaking DVD on the Classical Seat Video website by clicking onto any image of the cover shown at the side. There is also a full review by Dutch rider Aijuna Gration on my News page.

Here is what other riders have to say:-

"What an amazing training pack for the conscientious owner working at home!" S.D. Norwich

"4 hrs! this is serious value for money!" C.B. Newcastle upon Tyne

"I have never before watched an equestrian film where genuine problems arise as you view and are dealt with as in a real life situation. Sylvia talks you through everything she feels from her novice horse - good and bad - in that moment of time. Some of it is very subtle, but the same problems happen with all horses - if only we can learn from this DVD and train ourselves how to deal with them more sensitively....." L.M. London

Having seen the horse in the video as a novice when the film was shot 3 yrs ago, and recently seen and ridden him in Portugal, I can bear testimony to the correctness of Sylvia's training methods. Now, all beautifully muscled and so straight and obedient to the aids, this really shows that her training methods and the sensitive way forward - works! J. B. Surrey

The thing I loved about this DVD was being able to click on and use all the different menus. I especially enjoyed the clips showing common mistakes - gulp... that's me!
The good thing is - this DVD is not about "aren't I a wonderful rider?"... it's all about - don't worry, things don't always go as planned, but here's what to concentrate on for now, and gradually the rest will follow. S.T. South Wales

Here's what Sylvia has to say:-

"When my film partner, the brilliant camera-man, Alan O'Neill first suggested making a DVD, I had no idea just how much studio, editing and written work would be involved. All our videos had been shot and then produced fairly simply - once we had the required footage.

Not this time! A fully interactive DVD requires far far more than just a normal shoot. We did the basic filmwork with a young Lusitano stallion I had recently acquired back in 2001, and Alan filmed me riding him through several different schooling sessions undertaken (between Scottish autumn showers) over 2/3 days. We decided this must not be a 'set up' thing, instead a real and genuine work-out to show warts and all.

This was fine! Then came the hard bit.... piecing it all together but using hundreds of clips from past films with scores of different horse and riders and making them pertinent to each and every event encountered along the way.

And that was where the fun started!... and why it has taken so long to put and piece this whole thing together.

But we are both very pleased with the end result, as are the students and friends who have seen the DVD. I am told there is no other equestrian DVD in the world (so far!) that covers the schooling of the young or novice or even elderly horse in such enormous depth. That is for you, the viewer, to decide. But if you would like to add your comments to this page....
please do so after you too have seen our DVD. We would be delighted to hear from you and you can email direct by clicking onto the order page.

Thank you to all who participated in this venture. Your continued support and enthusiasm is what keeps us all going!" Sylvia X

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Read the review and order your copy online!

Read the Review and order your copy online!

Read the Review and order your copy online!

Read the Review and order your copy online!

Read the Review and order your copy online!

Read the Review and order your copy online!

Read the Review and order your copy online!

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